Background: post menopausal period is a critical period for each female. How to minimize the complications of this period is a matter of major concern. Materials and Methods: 40 females' albino rates were included in this study; they were divided into four equal groups. G1: Sham ovariectomized group, G2: ovariectomized group receiving vehicle (Ve) 1mg/kg/day for 7 weeks intraperitoneal injection (Ip) after 7 weeks from ovariectomy. G3: ovariectomized group receiving alendronat 0.1mg/kg/day for 7 weeks (Ip) after 7 weeks from ovariectomy.G4: ovariectomized group receiving Oxytocin 0.1mg/kg/day for 7 weeks (Ip) after 7 weeks from ovariectomy. Serum level of (Alkaline phosphatase, Oxytocin) was determined, Body Mass Density (BMD) was measured by (DEXA), also a histological examination of the femur and tibia was done. Results: Marked increase in serum levels of ALP and marked decrease of serum Oxytocin in G2 compared to G1 associated with picture of osteoporosis. Marked decrease of serum ALP with improvement in osteoporotic picture in both G3 and G4.Conclusion: Treatment by either alendronat or oxytocin (G3 and G4) improves the osteoporotic condition with better improvement by Oxytocin.