Spontaneous bacterial peritonitis (SBP) is a major complication of cirrhosis and ascites

and is responsible for significant morbidity and mortality, The aim of this work is to

determine prognostic factors and scores for SBP-related in-hospital mortality, compare the

predictive power of CP, MELD, SOFA and AIMS65scores for the prediction of the

mortality also to identify the best score cut-off point. This prospective study included 111

patients (76 males and 35 females) with liver cirrhosis, ascites and spontaneous bacterial

peritonitis confirmed by laboratory investigations especially peritoneal fluid study was

done. There were statistically significant differences between cirrhotic patients with SBP

who survive and who don't survive as regard mental status, hepatorenal syndrome, ALT

and AST, serum sodium, MELD score, SOFA score and AMS65 score. MELD score and

serum sodium have the most excellent prognostic accuracy for SBP-related in-hospital

mortality with p= 0.006 for both of them, by identifying cut-off point for MELD score

(>25) and for serum sodium (≤126 mEq/L) we can predict mortality in about 73.3 and 93.3

of cirrhotic patients with SBP respectively, as regard serum Sodium and MELD score; the

lower the sodium and the higher the MELD score, the more probability for mortality in

cirrhotic patients with SBP.