This paper presents a cost effective series resonant inverters for high-frequency induction heating consumer appliances. The new multi-resonant high-frequency inverter with series load resonance can regulate its output power under the constant-frequency. The high-frequency pulse-density modulation strategy is demonstrated for a high-frequency soft-switching of the proposed inverter. This type of inverter produces an approximately sinusoidal waveform at a high output frequency, ranging from 20 kHz to 100 kHz, and it is commonly used in relatively fixed output applications, for example, induction heating, sonar transmitters, fluorescent lighting, or ultrasonic generators. The series resonance circuit consists of an inductor and capacitor placed in series with the load. Due to the high switching frequency, the size of the resonating components is small. The practical effectiveness of induction heating power supply is substantially proved by implementing prototype series resonant inverters. To analyze the performance, comparison between the simulation and experimental results is done by using PSIM program.