Faba bean yield is losses due to several insect pests, such as, Aphis craccivora Koch. Field trials were
conducted during two cropping seasons at Sohag- Egypt, to determine the effect of intercropping of faba
bean with coriander, fenugreek or onion crops on A. craccivora population and yield of faba bean. The
population of the aphids were significantly (P>0.05) lower in faba bean + fenugreek intercrop in the first
cropping season and lower in faba bean + fenugreek or coriander intercrop in the second cropping season
than faba bean + onion or faba bean only crop. On the other hand, treatment of faba bean + fenugreek at
light density was the best from an agronomic viewpoint for faba bean seed and biological yields. The
result of the study showed that faba bean + fenugreek intercrop reduced populations of A. craccivora and
increased the seed yield of faba bean crops.