Preventive conservation is one of the most important processes used for saving artifacts. The corrosion inhibitors and protective coatings are highly recommended for protecting metals from degradation and corrosion process. This research focuses on laboratory tests of five corrosion inhibitors and protective coatings on Bronze samples in order to measure the efficiency of these materials to be applied on Bronze artifacts. Two derivatives of acrylics, (Paraloid B72 and B82), two Amino acids (Cysteine and Valine), and Benzoteriazol (BTA) with concentration 3% were compared as a protective coating. Two laboratory assessment methods are used, weight loss and polarization tests. Bronze samples are divided into six groups, the first group is a blank group and the others apply one material for each group and each group contains three samples. The tested samples are exposed to 1M copper chloride solution for 24 hours and measures are record. After this step we apply the materials on samples and expose these samples to temperature 40ᵒ and humidity 100% for 24 hours in a controlled chamber. Weight loss test proved that the best Protection and inhibition efficiency of Martials is Cysteine efficiency record 99.71%. Paraloid B72 efficiency is 99.42% compared to other materials. The electrochemical test illustrated that the best protection efficiency of these Martials are Paraloid B82 which is 99.74% and Paraloid B72 which is 99.64 %.