The term "Placemaking" is a method of planning, designing and managing of the good public places. This term has been used as a modern architectural trend to describe the process of creating squares and parks that attract people and activate development programs to conservation and sustain them, A trend that can plays an important role in the process of urban design of heritage areas, improve the urban environment and the overall appearance, encourages on attracting tourists to the heritage areas in Egypt.

   This paper will put a proposed methodology for conservation on the heritage areas in Egypt and improving the physical environment surrounding using "Placemaking". So as to benefit from its possibilities as one of modern architectural trends in the conservation on the heritage areas and improving public places in Egypt. With a study a background on the concept of "Placemaking" and its relation to the conservation on the heritage areas, The most important international experiences, The paper concluded to that the use of "Placemaking " allows the creation of an attractive urban environment for heritage areas by changing their function to suit certain activities that help to achieve economic return for their inhabitants.