This study was carried out to investigate the possibility of manufacturingnon-fat set yogurt with acceptable quality from reconstituted skim milk powder (SMP) 10% T.S, fortified with; skim milk powder, milk protein concentrate (MPC), whey protein concentrate (WPC)and sodium caseinate (NaCn)at concentrations of 1.5, 3.0, and 4.5%, respectively. A control sample was prepared without anyadditives.The other twelve mixeswere fortified with % 1 (wt/wt)Inulin.Physiochemical properties of yogurts were evaluated during cold storage for 14 days.The results indicated that increasing the added percentage of different dried dairy ingredients and inulin caused an increase in total solids, protein,soluble nitrogen, acidity, and ash content, whereasthe fat percentage did not affect.Enrichment of non-fat yogurt withdifferent dried dairy ingredients and inulin caused a decrease in the pH values.Also,there was a negative correlation between syneresis and the added percentage of dried dairy ingredients and inulin. During storage, the total solids content, protein, soluble nitrogen, fat, ash,acidityand syneresis were increased in contrastwith pH level.This study suggests that theusing mixes of the different dried dairy ingredients in appropriate ratios along with inulin seems as a useful and interesting approach for manufacture of non-fat set yogurt.