Scabies  is a common   dermatological   problem and  is a highly  contagious  disease.  The problem  of  misdiagnosis    of  scabies   is  yet  to  be solved.

Over one year,  21  I  cases  of scabies  attending Dermatology    Clinic  o.f Sohag  University  Hospital.  were  diagnosed   clinically.   Skin  scraping  with  mineral   oil  was  done for  those  patients and was examined  microscopically  .fnr recovery  of mites.

Correlation  of the clinical  diagnosis   and paraasitological   results  was  estimated,   as  well as the  prevalence and   several   epidemiological parameters   of  the disease.  and  all data  were recorded  and discussed.

It  is concluded   that  thorough   clinical  examination  can  save  the  effect  of parasitological diagnosis  for   the  suspected    cases  only.   The prevalence   of scabies   in the present  study  was3.8%. this  is  the first   record  of  it  in  Sohag Goveniorate. Prospective   studies   are  to  be done  later   to assess  the profile of the disease in the study area.