In this study benefits of employing copper sulfate salt hydrate with water vapor
as a new adsorption pair in thermally driven adsorption desalination-cooling
systems (ADCSs) have been investigated. Adsorption characteristics (isotherm
and kinetic) of copper sulfate/water vapor pair have been presented in this study
within temperature range of 25-55°C. Sun-Chakraborty (S-C) and Dubinin-
Astakhov (D-A) models have been used for fitting isotherms results, while linear
driving force (LDF) model has been used for the kinetics results. Experimental
adsorption capacity of water vapor onto copper sulfate is found to be around
(Dso) are estimated to be 25.053 kJ/mol and 1.89×10-7 m2/s respectively. A
theoretical model for an ADCS has been investigated employing copper sulfate
as adsorbent material. The proposed system can produce specific daily water
production about 8.2 m3 per ton of copper sulfate, 227 W/kg of copper sulfate
specific cooling power and 0.57 coefficient of performance. The performance of
the modeled system indicates that the proposed system can be driven efficiently
by renewable energy such as solar energy.0.51 kg/kg at 25 oC. Activation energy (Ea) and the pre-exponential coefficient