Intake, pretreatment and brine disposal cost of reverse osmosis sea water desalination systems represent about 25% of total cost of the desalinatedwater. The present study investigates effect of reverse osmosis brine recycling employing adsorption desalination on overall system desalinated water recovery. The adsorption desalination produces dual useful effects which are high quality potable water and cooling effect. Reverse osmosis desalination is simulated by engineering equation solver (EES). The brine leaving reverse osmosis systemis fed to adsorption desalination system. The adsorption desalination is driven by a low temperature heat source such as solar energy. The adsorption desalination system has been simulated by MATLAB. Results show that the proposed combination systemrecovery increases and permeate salinity decreases. In addition to systemperformance improvements, a cooling effect is generated and can be utilized for cooling applications.