Introduction: Female sexual dysfunction (FSD) defines as disturbances in the female sexual response cycle resulting in marked distress and interpersonal difficulties. Sildenafil citrate was effective in treatment of FSD through increasing blood flow to corpus cavernosum of clitoris, vagina and labia minor.

Aim:To evaluate the effect of sildenafil citrate in treatment of female sexual dysfunction.

Patients and Methods: An observational study had been done on 43 females complaining of FSD who were fulfilling the inclusion criteria. They were taken oral sildenafil citrate 25mg daily for 6 weeks and were evaluated by 19–items Female Sexual Function Index (FSFI) questionnaire before and after treatment.

Results: Our results showed that 34.4% became normal with score of FSFI>26.5; while 65.6% showed some improvement but still have FSD (FSFI<26.5). There was significant improvement in all female sexual domains in FSFI ranged from 21% to 69%. There was significant improvement of total score in both 1st  degree circumcision more than 2nd  degree circumcisions with 41%- 35%, respectively.

Conclusion: We concluded that the treatment of patients with FSD by sildenafil citrate 25mg daily for 6 weeks had significant improvement effect on all domains of FSD with no improvement in pain score and effective in1st degree circumcised female more than 2nd  degree according to FSFI questionnaire.