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Automatic Control

2018-09-03 18:30:20 |

Open-loop and closed-loop systems, Differential equations of systems, Laplace transform and transfer function of control systems, Block diagrams, Signal flow graphs, Time domain specifications of first order and second order systems, Design specifications of second order systems, Feedback control system characteristics, Types of feedback (proportional, proportional plus derivative, integral, and PID), Steady state tracking error and system types, Error rate damping and tacho generator feedback used in servo systems, Routh-Hurwitz stability criterion, Relative stability, The Root Locus method, Frequency response methods, The Nyquist stability criterion, Gain and phase margins, The Mikhailov stability criterion

كلية الهندسة

2018-10-18 04:34:01 Automatic Control
محتوي المحاضرة الثالثة block diagram reduction first order system second order system إقراء المزيد