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Selected topics in physical chemistry

2020-01-30 11:34:57 |

CHEM 445

Course Description

Nuclear chemistry is the study of nuclear reactions, with an emphasis on their uses in chemistry and their effects on biological systems. Nuclear chemistry affects our lives in many ways, particularly in energy and medical applications. For example, radioactive elements can be used as therapeutic and diagnostic tools

Course Objectives.

  • At the end of the course the students are expected to be able to :
  • 1. Describe the natural radioactivity, nuclear systematic and reactions, radioactive decay processes, stellar nucleosynthesis, applications of radioactivity.
  • 2. Emphasize nuclear and radiochemical methods applied to chemical analyses in the physical and biological sciences.

Binding energy
What is the binding energy of 60Ni? The mass of a 60Ni atom is 59.9308 amu. The mass of an electron is 9.10939 x 10-31 kg and 1 amu is 1.66054 x 10-27 kg. (Z = 28)... Read more

Nuclear and chemical reactions
Defferentiate between Chemical and Nuclear Reactions?... Read more

How long ago
Fort Rock Cave in Oregon is the site where archaeologists discovered several Indian sandals, the oldest ever found in Oregon. Analysis of the 14C/12C ratio of the sandals gave an average decay rate of 5.1 dpm per gram of carbon. Carbon found in living organisms has a 14C/ 12C ratio of 1.3 X 10-12,... Read more

How old is the mammoth tusk
A mammoth tusk containing grooves made by a sharp stone edge (indicating the presence of humans or Neanderthals) was uncovered at an ancient camp site in the Ural Mountains in 2001. The 14C/12C ratio in the tusk was only 1.19% of that in modern elephant tusks. How old is the mammoth tusk?... Read more

Radioactive radon-222
Radioactive radon-222 decays with a loss of one alpha particle. The half-life is 3.82 days. What percentage of the radon in a sealed vial would remain after 7.0 days?... Read more

Nuclear Power
Mention the benefits to Nuclear Power?... Read more

Dangers to Nuclear Power
State the Dangers to Nuclear Power?... Read more

How Radionuclides are used in  Medical Imaging
How Radionuclides are used in Medical Imaging?... Read more

Diagnostic and therapeutic radiation
State radioactive isotopes which are used Diagnostic and therapeutic radiation.... Read more

Quantities of Radiation

What happens when one is exposed to radiation
What happens when one is exposed to radiation?... Read more

Nuclear fusion and fission
Discuss Nuclear fusion and fission with examples... Read more

Writing and Balancing Nuclear Equations
How to write and Balance Nuclear Equations?... Read more

Write a balanced nuclear equation
Write a balanced nuclear equation for the reaction in which oxygen-15 undergoes positron emission... Read more

Nuclear Stability
Discuss Nuclear Stability... Read more

Predicting Nuclear Stability
Predict which of these nuclei are especially stable: 2He4, 20Ca40, 43Tc98?... Read more

Prediction the mode of decay
Predict the mode of decay of (a) carbon-14, (b) xenon-118... Read more

Types of Decay
Show Various Types of Radioactive Processes Showing the Changes That Take Place in the Nuclides?... Read more