• 1. 
    Darwin's theory of natural selection to explain evolution is also known as
    • A. Descent with modification.
    • B. Inheritance of acquired characteristics.
    • C. Uniformitarianism.
    • D. Catastrophism.
  • 2. 
            A. There is a natural force in all living things that pushes them toward perfection.
    • B. Local catastrophes cause mass extinctions of species.
    • C. Species are only produced through special creation.
    • D. Species are fixed and unchanging over time.
  • 3. 
    Most of Darwin's observations about changes in species over time and in different environments took place in and near
    • A.North America.
    • B.Africa.
    • C.South America.
    • D. Asia.
    • E.Australia.
  • 4. 
    Natural selection was independently proposed as a means of evolution by Darwin and
    • A. Lyell.
    • B. Wallace.
    • C. LeClerc.
    • D. Lamarck.