1- Which pairing of quantity and unit is incorrect?

A- Resistivity; Ω m.

B- Conductance; S m–1.

C- Resistance; Ω.

D- Molar conductivity; S m2 mol–1.

2- Which of the following is not a strong electrolyte?

 A- KCl    B- CH3COOH   C- KNO3     D- NaClO4



3- Which statement is correct about a strong electrolyte?

A- Examples of strong electrolytes include CH3CO2H and Na[CH3CO2].

B-The molar conductivity decreases significantly as the concentration increases.

C-The molar conductivity at infinite dilution can be found by extrapolation from a plot of

molar conductivity against concentration.

D-It is partially ionized in aqueous solution.

4-Which statement is incorrect about a weak electrolyte?

A-The molar conductivity of a weak electrolyte remains approximately constant as the

concentration increases.

B-Acetic acid is an example of a weak electrolyte.

C-At infinite dilution, a weak electrolyte is taken to be fully ionized.

D- A weak electrolyte is partially dissociated in aqueous solution.