1. Which of the following products are obtained when a zinc metal is dipped in dilute HCl solution?
    a) H2, ZnCl2
    b) Cl2, ZnH2
    c) H2, Cl2 and ZnH2
    d) Zn, H2 and Cl2
  2. 2. Which of the following reactions occurs when iron is immersed in (oxygenated) sea water?
    a) Fe==>Fe+2+2e, 2H++2e==>H2
    b) Fe==>Fe+2+2e, O2+2H2O+4e==>4OH
    c) Fe+2+2e==>Fe+2, 4H++O2+4e==>2H2O
    d) Fe+2+2e==>Fe+2, 2H++2e==>H2
  3. 3. Which of the following is more stable form of iron in an oxygenated solution?
    a) Fe2O3
    b) Fe(OH)2
    c) 2Fe(OH)3
    d) Fe3O4
  4. 5. More than one anodic and cathodic reactions are possible in corrosion.
    a) True
    b) False
  5. 6. Oxygenated acids are more corrosive than oxygen-free acids.
    a) True
    b) False