Tarek Abdelhameed Abulezz

Prof. - Professor of Plastic Surgery

Faculty of medicine

Address: Plastic Surgery Dep., Faculty of Medicine, Sohag University



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I am a professor of plastic surgery in the Faculty of Medicine, Sohag University. I was graduated from Faculty of Medicine, Assiut University in 1991. in 1996 I got the Master degree of General Surgery and in I joined the UT-Southwestern Medical Center at Dallas from July 2001 till May 2003. in December 2004, I got my Doctor degree in Plastic Surgery and since then I work in department of Plastic Surgery in Sohag Faculty of Medicine.

2018-11-30 17:54:18
مؤتمر الصعيد لجراحات التجميل
تمت الحمد لله المشاركة فى المؤتمر السابع لأقسام التجميل بجامعات الصعيد .. والذى شرفنا فى قسم جراحة التجميل بطب سوهاج بتنظيمه هذا العام بالشتراك مع الجمعية المصرية لجراحى التجميل ... عقد المؤتمر على مدار يومي الأربعاء والخميس الموافقين 28 و 29 نوفمبر بفندق موفينبيك سوماباى بسفاجا ... واشتمل على خمسة جلسات علمية بها اكتر من 45 ورقة بحثية فى مختلف ... Read more

2018-09-25 21:06:54
أخيرا تحركت الـ 100 الميتة أصبحت 102 بعد ما نشرت الاستفهام فى صورة اعلان .... الـ 100 اصبحت 102 طيب يعنى اللى عايز يزود السكور و الدرجات بتاعته يفضل يكتب و ينشر اعلانات ... أى كلام فى أى مواضيع؟؟؟ طيب ليه؟ أيه الفايدة؟؟ بصراحة شى ظريف .... لو كنت أعرف كدا كنت نشرت الاعلان الساخر دا من زمان Read more

2018-09-25 21:01:32
Something Wrong
الموقع واقف على 100 بالنسبالى ... بعد ما كنت 139 نزلنى لـ 100 ,,, و من ساعتها مش بتتحرك أضفت أكتر من 5 أبحاث ... بالصور و أضفت أكتر من 3 محاضرات PowerPoint والـ 100 زى ماهى أكيد فيه حاجة غلط أنا أصلا موضوع التنافسية و زيادة السكور خلاص بطلت أفكر فيه ... لكن الغريب ان فيه زملا كتير عمالين ... Read more

2018-09-11 20:11:08
تقييم المحتويات المنشورة فى الصفحة
يسعدنى التعرف على تقييمكم للمحتوى العلمى المنشور بالصفحة Read more

2018-09-04 07:36:45 | Keywords Fournier’s Gangrene; Necrotizing Fasciit,
Fournier’s Gangrene in Upper Egypt, Case Series of 14 Patients
Objectives: Fournier’s gangrene is a rare but serious necrotizing infection of the skin and subcutaneous tissues affecting mainly the genital, perineal and perianal regions with poor outcome. Multidisciplinary approach ensures the best management with the mainstay of treatment is the repeated adequate surgical debridement. Broad spectrum antibiotics and hemodynamic support, if needed, are also crucial. Plastic surgery is concerned with ... Read more

Congenital Heminasal Aplasia: Clinical Picture, Radiological Findings and 13-Year Follow-up after Early Surgical Intervention
TITLE: Congenital Heminasal Aplasia: Clinical Picture, Radiological Findings and 13-Year Follow-up after Early Surgical Intervention. ABSTRACT: OBJECTIVE: This report presents an extremely rare case of heminasal aplasia or hemi-arhinia with only about 80 cases reported so far. The exact etiology and mechanism of development of heminasal aplasia are still unknown. Furthermore, the rarity of this anomaly makes its reconstruction a ... Read more

2018-09-04 07:51:15 | Keywords Medical mission; Charity; Congenital ano,
Management of Rare Craniofacial Anomalies With Soft Tissue Reconstruction on Charity Medical Missions
In poor communities, patients may suffer from health problems requiring special management that cannot be provided locally because of lack of equipment and/or expertise. Children with craniofacial anomalies represent one of these challenging problems. Visiting medical missionary teams have attempted to address these issues for a long time. This article highlights healthcare difficulties in one of the third-world countries with ... Read more

2018-09-04 08:35:24 | Keywords NPWT; VAC; Vacuum; RTA; acute extremitie,
Negative-Pressure Wound Therapy (NPWT) Compared to Conventional Dressing in the Management of Acute Injuries of Extremities
BACKGROUND: Acute injury to extremities is a common surgical challenge. Road traffic accidents (RTA) are the most common etiology and are usually associated with soft tissue injuries and fracture patterns. Other injuries include gunshots, firework and burns. Negative-pressure wound therapy (NPWT), also known as vacuum-assisted closure (VAC), has revolutionized the wound care protocols. The use of NPWT has become quite ... Read more

2018-09-04 08:28:27 | Keywords foot injury; foot reconstruction; fascio,
Different Modalities Used for Reconstruction of Soft Tissue Defects of the Foot in Sohag University Hospital
BACKGROUND: Foot trauma may have a major influence on life style in the form of chronic pain, ulcers and diminished function. These potential complications can be minimized by appropriate management of foot soft tissue injuries. Proper wound debridement and meticulous hemostasis are essential. The ultimate goal of reconstruction is to close the wound and to provide for bipedal ambulation. METHODS: ... Read more

2018-10-11 18:06:30 | Electric Burns
How to deal with electric burn victim?
Summarise the steps of management of electric burn victim? What are the differences between high and low voltage injuries? what is the possible complications of electric burns? Read more

2018-09-11 17:54:38 | Cleft Lip and Palate
MCQ in Cleft lip and palate
MCQ in Cleft lip and palate Read more

2018-09-09 08:11:28 | Burn Management
MCQ in burn management
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