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Prof. Alaa A. Said, Professor, Plant breeding, Agronomy department, Faculty of Agriculture, Sohag university

2018-10-22 11:51:06
قرار المجلس الأعلى للجامعات بخصوص نسب الاقتباس العلمي
قرار المجلس الأعلى للجامعات بخصوص نسب الاقتباس العلمي Read more

2024-02-10 22:44:21 | Keywords
Genome-wide association mapping of genotype-environment interactions affecting yield-related traits of spring wheat grown in three watering regimes.
Genotype-environment interaction (GxE) has a great impact on wheat physiology, morphology and grain yield (GY). We evaluated an association mapping panel of spring wheat advanced lines for chlorophyll content, canopy temperature (CT), and yield-related traits under three different watering regimes in two consecutive growing seasons. Genome-wide association mapping identified 457 SNPs, with significant effects that varied with the watering regimes ... Read more

2024-02-10 22:39:02 | Keywords
Association mapping and candidate genes for physiological non-destructive traits: Chlorophyll content, canopy temperature, and specific leaf area under normal and saline conditions in wheat.
Wheat plants experience substantial physiological adaptation when exposed to salt stress. Identifying such physiological mechanisms and their genetic control isespeciallyimportanttoimproveitssalttolerance.Inthisstudy,leafchlorophyll content (CC), leaf canopy temperature (CT), and specific leaf area (SLA) were scored in a set of 153 (103 having the best genotypic data were used for GWAS analysis) highly diverse wheat genotypes under control and salt stress. On average, ... Read more

2024-02-10 22:41:34 | Keywords
Modeling of phosphorus nutrition to obtain maximum yield, high P use efficiency and low P-loss risk for wheat grown in sandy calcareous soils.
Fertilizationwith high levels of phosphorus increases the risk of environmental pollution. Identification of critical values of P in soil (SOP) and in plant tissues (PiP) is essential for achieving the maximum wheat yield without P loss. The critical value is the value of P which gives the optimum yield; the response of crop yield to P fertilization above this value ... Read more

2020-12-20 17:00:14 | Keywords Magnetic water, saline water, ,
The effect of saline water magnetization on physiological and agronomic traits of some bread wheat genotypes
The present work relates to estimate the effect of magnetically-treated saline water on physiological and agronomic traits of 22 bread wheat genotypes and to determine the changes in soil properties. Replicated pot experiments involving potable water, saline water (2500 and 5000 ppm) and magnetically treated (2500 and 5000 ppm saline water) were conducted in greenhouse during 2017/2018 and 2018/2019 winter ... Read more

2020-12-20 16:56:55 | Keywords Stability models, Performance,
A comparison of bread wheat genotypes in various environments using different stability models
Twenty five bread wheat genotypes were tested under eight environments (2 growing seasons×4 water stresses) to study stability and adaptability for physiological and agronomic traits. Analysis of variance showed highly significant variations among all tested genotypes for all studied traits; chlorophyll content, canopy temperature, specific leaf area, spike length, no. of spike/plant, 1000- kernel weight and grain yield. The results ... Read more