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2022-04-24 01:08:22 | Keywords Mu-near-zero metasurface,
A high gain antenna utilizing Mu-near-zero metasurface structures for 5G applications
A high gain antenna with Mu-near-zero metasurface (MNZ-MS) is introduced in this work. The proposed antenna can be utilized for future 5G applications. The patch antenna is designed on the upper face of the square substrate with a ground plane at the bottom face. To improve the antenna gain, a layer of MNZ-MS unit cells is placed above the antenna ... Read more

2022-02-27 15:53:40 | Keywords 5G, Metasurface, High gain,
High gain and efficiency dual-band antenna using meta-surface
This article presents a compact meta-surface (MS) based antenna with dual-band operation for 5G applications. The MS-based antenna consists of a layer of MSs on the top of a single-band microstrip patch antenna. The dual-band operation is achieved by adding the MS layer at a height of 0.089λ0, where λ0 is the free space wavelength at the lower resonant frequency. ... Read more

2021-08-23 23:32:49 | Keywords
A Design of Compact Meta-material CRLH Antenna for Wireless Application
This article presents a compact design of a composite-right-left-handed (CRLH) antenna for wireless applications. The antenna is fed using a coplanar waveguide (CPW) feed structure. The CRLH-antenna is comprised of one CRLH unit cell. The CRLH unit cell has a series capacitance (interdigital capacitor) and a shunt inductor (stub meander inductor). The antenna achieves compactness with a small size of ... Read more

2019-11-21 20:11:21 | Keywords Coding Meta-surface Antenna, Frequency Reconfigurable,
Frequency Reconfigurable Based Antenna Utilizing Coding Meta-Surface for Future 5G Applications
This paper introduces design of reconfigurable antenna to operate at 27 GHz for future 5G applications. The frequency reconfigurable coding metasurface (FRCMS) antenna is composed of conventional patch antenna on circular substrate and circular coding metasurface with the same diameter of 15 mm (1.35 λ0). The FRCMS antenna introduces compact size and low profile (thickness = 1.2 mm (0.108 λ0)). ... Read more

2018-10-02 21:19:44 | Signal Processing
Tasks and Report
These are the tasks that you must finish and put them in report form which will be evaluated. Note: use Matlab and take screen shots for both the code and results. Read more

Tasks and Report
These are the tasks that you must finish and put them in report form which will be evaluated. Read more