Mahrous R Ahmed

Professor -

Faculty of science

Address: Physics Department - Science Faculty - Sohag University - Egypt



Mahrous R Ahmed is a professor in Physics Department, Science Faculty. My General field is Solid state Physics. My specific field is theoretical transition metals oxides. I have got my  Ph.D. from University of Sheffield, UK, in 2006. My work is basically in magnetic properties of metal oxides using Monte Carlo simulation with Potts and Ising model. Also I use many theoretical techniques in solving some Physical problems.

2018-09-06 18:40:27
تقويم الفصل الدراسي الأول للعام الجامعي 2018/2019
مواعيد كل الأسابيع الدراسية والإختبارات والعطلات في الفصل الدراسي الأول من العام الجامعي 2018/2019 Read more

2021-08-29 15:33:33 | Keywords Hexaferrites,
Dielectric, magnetic and structural properties of Co-doped hexaferrite synthesized by microwave digestion system
Co substitution in hexaferrites Sr1−xCoxFe12O19 compounds with doping values x = 0.0, 0.075, 0.15, 0.225 and 0.30 were prepared using microwave digestion system. Structural, morphological, magnetic and dialectic properties were investigated. X-ray diffraction pattern proved a hexagonal phase (SrFe12O19) existing as a main phase for all samples. The lattice parameters, crystallites size and other parameters such as microstrain and direct ... Read more

2021-08-29 15:31:55 | Keywords solar cell,
Experimental and theoretical studies of (CdS)1-x (ZnS)x thin-films for second generation CdS/CdTe solar cells
The current work focused on studying the optical and structural properties of (CdS)1-x (ZnS)x thin films fabricated by thermal vacuum evaporation approach. The evaporation was implemented at room temperature from bulk samples synthesis by sintering approach. The energy gap, index of refraction, extinction coefficient and absorption coefficient were estimated from the experiment and employed in our theoretical model to estimate ... Read more

2021-08-29 14:16:21 | Keywords Thin films,
Influence of different types of substrates on the physical properties of CdSe films
Cadmium Selenide, CdSe, thin films deposited on different substrate types; FTO/glass,/glass, and ITO/glass substrates were produced by thermal evaporation method in the room temperature. The influence of different types of substrates on the structural, optical and electrical properties of the films was studied by X-ray diffraction and absorption photo spectroscopy respectively. X-ray diffractions revealed that all the CdSe films have ... Read more

2021-02-11 12:10:36 | Keywords Ising model, Monte Carlo,
Monte Carlo study of the effect of charge ordering on the electrical and magnetic properties of half-doped manganites
The Monte Carlo Antiferromagnetic Ising model was used to study the electrical properties and magnetoresistance of manganese oxides due to the charge ordering phase occurring at half doping, _x = 0.5_. The half-doped manganites have an insulator antiferromagnetic ground state. The internal energy, specific heat, resistivity, the magneto-resistance and magnetization have been investigated with different applied magnetic fields. Our simulation ... Read more

2021-08-29 14:08:03 | Keywords Thin films,
Effect of RF power of Al2O3 target on the physical properties of aluminum‑doped zinc oxide films
In this report, we investigate the optical and electrical properties of aluminum zinc oxide (AZO) thin films using magnetron sputtering method in preparing the thin films and spectrophotometer to measure the optical characteristics. The X-ray diffraction (XRD) patterns of the films are found to have amorphous structure. The optical band gap _E_g, refractive index _n_, electronic polarizability, carrier concentration _N_c, ... Read more

2018-10-08 09:20:28 | Electricity and magnetism
الهدف من المقرر: * تعلم المفاهيم الأساسية لعلم الفيزياء * يتعرف الطالب على الكميات الفيزيائية ووحداتها * تزويد الطالب بقواعد أساسية لفهم أساسيات علم الكهرباء * تهيئة الطالب لإستنباط علاقات جديدة تخدم هذا العلم * تعريف الطالب طبيعة وخواص بعض الظواهر الكهربية وتمكينه من تفسيرها عمليا ونظريا * تهيئة الطالب للقراءة والاطلاع لمعرفة تخصصات فيزياء جديدة وتطبيقاتها Read more

2018-10-08 09:10:24 | Heat and Thermodynamics
Introduction We will pay our attention to the study of thermodynamics, which involves situations in which the temperature or state (solid, liquid, gas) of a system changes due to energy transfers. As we shall see, thermodynamics is very successful in explaining the bulk properties of matter and the correlation between these properties and the mechanics of atoms and molecules. Read more

2018-10-01 19:28:54 | properties of matter
properties of matter
Exercises 1 - Distinguish between fundamental and derived units. Give examples. 2- Give the SI units in which the following physical quantities are measured : Frequency, magnetic flux, density, magnetic flux and inductance. 3- Derive the dimensions of: (1) surface tension (2) viscosity (3) gravitational constant and (4) moment of inertia. 4- Discuss the uses of dimensional analysis. 5- What ... Read more