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2019-05-23 13:22:37
المؤتمر الدولى (تقليل الفاقد من الأغذية) بجامعة الموارد الطبيعية بمدينة فيينا بالنمسا 25-26 ابريل 2019
تحدث المؤتمر عن اسباب الفقد فى الغذاء وكيفية استخدام الطرق الحديثة لإدارة وتقليل هذا الفاقد ، كما تضمن المؤتمر ورش عمل متعلقة بذات الموضوع Read more

2019-05-23 12:48:58
الخميرة: كنز فيتامين ب
الخميرة من عجائب التغذية وغنية بفيامين ب والأحماض الأمنية المفيدة ، وتعد من اإذية الجمال والنشاط والحيوية ، لو عجبك الفيديو متنساش تشترك فى القناة Read more

2019-05-23 12:44:18
تفتكر ايه اللى هيحصل لوزنك فى رمضان؟ Read more

2024-07-09 10:06:53 | Keywords Thiobarbituric acid Cold stor,
Impact of Date Seed Powder as A Natural Antioxidant for Improving Oxidative Stability of Beef and Chicken Burgers
The main objective of this study is to explore the potential use of date seed powder in improving the oxidative stability of some meat products; beef and chicken burgers. The phytochemical analysis of date seed powder revealed its significant antioxidant potential, including high DPPH scavenging activity (81.38%), low IC50 value (0.59 mg/mL), and substantial levels of phenolics (2.53 mg/g), flavonoids ... Read more

2024-07-09 10:02:20 | Keywords Citrobacter freundii Foodborn,
Controlling foodborne pathogenic Citrobacter freundii via lytic bacteriophages
Recently, foodborne diseases caused by pathogenic bacteria have been expanding. This requires searching for ways to control or get rid of these diseases. Using bacteriophages to control, prevent, and treatment of foodborne diseases is one of the most important actions due to their killer effect on bacteria. Many species of pathogenic bacteria can be transmitted through food, including _Citrobacter_ _freundii_ ... Read more

2024-07-09 09:56:59 | Keywords Nigrosine dye, Pickling, Olive,
Administration of pickled olive fruits treated with acid black nigrosine dye induced hepato-renal dysfunction in mice
Olive fruits(Olea europaeaL)have several health and nutritional benefits duetotheir high contents of antioxidant compounds. This study evaluatedthehepato-renal toxic effectsof pickled olive fruits that weretreated with acidblack nigrosine dye (ABND) in mice.Twenty male Swiss albino mice (CD-1) were used to determine themedian lethal dose (LD50) of ABND.Then otherfortymalemice were equally divided into 4 groups (N = 10) as follows: Group1 (Gp1) ... Read more

2022-12-30 11:04:31 | Keywords date seed; plant proteins; fun,
Improving the Functional Performance of Date Seed Protein Concentrate by High-Intensity Ultrasonic Treatment
Date kernel is a plant-derived byproduct that has the potential to be converted into a high-value-added food ingredient, such as protein concentrate, in the food industry. Ultrasound, whichis an alternative method for improving the functional properties of food proteins, is an effectivephysical treatment for modifying protein functionality. Solubility is the main criterion that primarilyaffects other functional properties of protein concentrates, ... Read more

2024-06-19 12:08:30 | Keywords dairy products; bone mineral d,
Impact of dairy products consumption and physical activity on obesity and osteoporosis: A survey at faculty community of Sohag University
This study aimed to determine the effect of dairy productsconsumptionandcertainphysicalactivitiesonbonemineral density (BMD) and mass index (BMI) as rates forosteoporosis and obesity used.BMI was classified asunderweight (ght (18.5–24.9 BMI),overweight (25–24.9 BMI), Overweight (25-29.9 BMI) andobese (˃ 30 BMI) are considered as the obesity degree.BMD was measured for the right foot using a pDEXAdensitometer with dual-energy X-ray absorptiometry (DXA)and expressed asa T-score ... Read more