Hamdy Hassan El-sayed Mahmoud

Lecturer - It-Network Department

Faculty of Computers and Information

Address: سوهاج - سوهاج اول - برج الروضه


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Data aggregation energy and probability effects on the performance of EDEEC and MODLEACH protocol in WSN
WSNs are quickly gaining popularity due to they are potentially low cost solutions to a variety of real world challenges. They continue to grow day after day, so it needs the effective protocol mechanisms. There are various areas where research activities are going on in Wireless sensor networks. Data-centric technologies are needed that perform in network aggregation of data to ... Read more

2018 | Keywords LEACH, ZSEP, SEP,
Performance comparison of LEACH, SEP and Z-SEP Protocols in WSN
Wireless sensor networks (WSN) have major scope to monitor, and analyze the phenomena in the real world in details as much as possible, in places to a large degree, very dusky, very high, or very dangerous for researchers to go. Simulation could be great helpful to detect that the shortest possible time to minimize the cost of WSN when design. ... Read more

2017 | Keywords Ad hoc Networks, Hop count, HOP BY HOP,
Hop by Hop Routing Problems in MANETs
Mobile networks have attracted huge interest in recent years because of their improved flexibility and reduced costs. Sending and receiving data packets between nodes is the main function of routing protocols. Because of the limited resource of mobile ad hoc network routing protocols is needed. Hop-by-hop routing means that routing decisions are made at each node independently and locally, based ... Read more

2016 | Keywords Ad hoc Networks, SHORTEST PATH,
Shortest paths routing problem in MANETs
Abstract:The need for communication services is rapidly increasing,because the mobile communication service is synonymous withan ideal communication style realizing communication anytime, anywhere and with anyone. The availability of a path depends on thenumber of links and the reliability of each link forming the path. Many routing metrics in terms of number of links have been proposed,such as the shortest path ... Read more

2016 | Keywords MANET, Routing Protocols, O,
Performance Evaluation of  Proactive and Rreactive Routing Protocols in Ad Hoc Network
A mobile ad hoc network (MANET) consists of mobile wireless nodes. The communication between these mobile nodes is carried out without any centralized infrastructure. MANET is a self-organized and self-configurable network where the mobile nodes move randomly. The mobile nodes act as router it can receive and forward packets. This type of networks has difficult to find a path between ... Read more

2013 | Keywords
Wireless Ad Hoc Networks and Location Based Routing Protocols
the book studies the theoretical analysis of some characteristics in Ad Hoc Networks. It consists of two parts. In the first part, we describe a number of characteristics in Ad Hoc Network with a dynamic topology like the neighbour nodes, the area of the Ad Hoc Network, number of nodes, node density, and area of transmission.the second part studies the ... Read more

2013 | Keywords Mobile Ad-Hoc Networks, CTR, d,
A Study of Critical Transmission Range for Connectivity  in Ad Hoc Network
n this paper, the critical transmitting range for connectivity in wireless ad hoc networks is analyzed. More specifically, we consider the following problem: Assume n nodes, each capable of communicating with nodes within a radius of r. The nods are randomly and uniformly distributed in a d-dimensional region with a side of lengthl. In this paper the critical transmission range ... Read more

2013 | Keywords Ad hoc Networks, CTR, Hop count, BDA, AODV,
New On-Demand Routing Protocol for Ad Hoc Networks
Ad-hoc network is a collection of mobile nodes dynamically forming a temporary network without the use of any existing infrastructure or centralized administration. Building such a network poses many technical challenges such as routing, energy consumption, load balancing, and security. Routing in mobile ad-hoc network (MANETs) becomes more sophisticated issue especially when a certain quality of service (QOS) requirement is ... Read more

2007 | Keywords
This paper describes a number of characteristics in ad hoc network with a dynamic topology, like the neighbour nodes, the area of the ad hoc network, number of nodes, node density, and area of transmission. The theoretical analysis of their effectives are discussed and proved that the topology of a network has a clear effect under changing these characteristics. Moreover, ... Read more

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