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Lecturer - Radiology Department - PACS & Teleradiology Unit Administrator

Faculty of medicine

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2024 | Keywords Scientific day, Organize Confe,
How to Organize an Effective Scientific Day: A Review
University is the home of experience that serves teaching of undergraduates, research of postgraduates and serving the community and the environment. Experience supply, exchange and broadcasting is one of the main aims of it. The scientific days or meetings are an important method of teaching, learning and experience exchange in all scientific fields. It is considered one of the main ... Read more

2024 | Keywords Effective talk, Speaker faults,
Major Faults that should be Avoided by Efficient Speakers  – Review
Effective talk is very important for delivering information and communication. Talk or lecture is a main method for teaching & training of undergraduates and postgraduates all over the world. Talk has 3 main components Topic, speaker and environment. An excellent lecturer or speaker can be inefficient by certain faults that speaker must avoid for good preparing and introducing of an ... Read more

2023 | Keywords CT paranasal sinuses, Frontal,
Absent frontal sinus: an uncommon radiological finding that should not be missed in CT report—letter to the editor
Paranasal sinuses are the cavities at the skull that make it lighter in relation to its volume. Sinuses are present on both sides at their locations either frontal, ethmoid, maxillary, or sphenoid sinuses [1]. Aplasia or agenesis of sinuses can occur alone or in association with other syndromes and can occur also unilateral or bilateral [2]. Frontal and maxillary sinuses ... Read more

2023 | Keywords Telemedicine, Teleradiology, S,
Can 2025 be the End of internet age and death certificate for Teleradiology and Telemedicine on our planet
As the sun is considered the source of life on our planet, the internet now is considered the main source of science in all fields. While planets are growing on the sunlight, the researches' are preserved, growing and advancing depending on the wide world web. Telemedicine and teleradiology are branches of the medical field that mainly depend on internet connections ... Read more

Penetrating Stone due to falling from height: A Case Report
Abstract: Background: Falling from height is a common condition that can occur in different age groups. Many types of injuries can occur due to it, such as skull fractures. Skull penetrating foreign bodies (other than fire arm injuries and explosives) are generally uncommon. Penetrating blunt objects is rare. CT is a useful modality in diagnosis of head trauma in general ... Read more

2023 | Keywords Color Doppler Intraoperative,
Intraoperative Color Doppler assessment of hepatic vasculature integrity: A Case Report
Abstract Background: Color Doppler is an important, noninvasive, non-ionizing imaging modality for assessment of vascular system of most parts of the body "Neck, limbs, hepatic vasculature ….etc.". It is commonly used to assess patient either before medical or surgical treatment but less common to be used intraoperative. Color Doppler assessment of hepatic vasculature in the daily work is commonly used ... Read more

Radiological assessment and follow-up of a nonsurgically treated odontoid process fracture after a motor vehicle accident in Egypt: a case repor
An odontoid process fracture is a serious type of cervical spine injury. This injury is categorized into three types based on the location of the fracture. Severe or even fatal neurological deficits can occur due to associated cord injury, which can result in complete quadriplegia. Computed tomography is the primary diagnostic tool, while magnetic resonance imaging is used to evaluate ... Read more

2023 | Keywords Telemedicine, COVID-19, Knowle,
Background: In the period of the COVID-19 pandemic, telemedicine has been a crucial instrument for the delivery of healthcare services. Its benefits include helping patients save time and money and protecting healthcare professionals from infection. Objectives: This study aimed to assess the knowledge and attitude of medical practitioners in Sohag governorate regarding telemedicine and related ethical issues after the COVID-19 ... Read more

2022 | Keywords
A  Guide  for  Effective  Talk,  How  to  Design  and  Introduce:   Review
Abstract: A talk or a lecture is a major method for teaching and training the undergraduates and postgraduates worldwide. Although the presenters frequently have good relevant knowledge, they lack the skills and parameters relevant to how to design and present an effective talk. The present topic aims to illustrate these items. It is also based on the scientific fundamentals derived ... Read more

2022 | Keywords Radiology subspecialty, Radiod,
Investigating subspecialty Application in Radiology Department  - Sohag University
Abstract: Radiology is one of the widest specialties in medicine which including all body parts and systems in its duties and roles either in diagnostic or interventional and therapeutic aim. Subspecialty in medical branches nowadays become a mandatory way for better medical practices and improvement of medical services and procedures quality. Radiology department in Sohag University up till now did ... Read more