Dr. Ahmad Mokhtar Hamed Abodahab

Lecturer - Radiology Department - PACS & Teleradiology Unit Administrator

Faculty of medicine

Address: Egypt-Sohag - Almaragha


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2022 | Keywords
A  Guide  for  Effective  Talk,  How  to  Design  and  Introduce:   Review
Abstract: A talk or a lecture is a major method for teaching and training the undergraduates and postgraduates worldwide. Although the presenters frequently have good relevant knowledge, they lack the skills and parameters relevant to how to design and present an effective talk. The present topic aims to illustrate these items. It is also based on the scientific fundamentals derived ... Read more

2022 | Keywords Radiology subspecialty, Radiod,
Investigating subspecialty Application in Radiology Department  - Sohag University
Abstract: Radiology is one of the widest specialties in medicine which including all body parts and systems in its duties and roles either in diagnostic or interventional and therapeutic aim. Subspecialty in medical branches nowadays become a mandatory way for better medical practices and improvement of medical services and procedures quality. Radiology department in Sohag University up till now did ... Read more

2021 | Keywords PACS - Teleraadiology,
Auto Routing and Auto Delete Two Options Absence Can Stop  PACS Work: a Review
Abstract: Picture Archiving and Communication System (PACS) is a wide world used digital method of diagnostic imaging. PACS servers usually have a limited capacity storage which will be sooner or later be full and no more cases to be sent. Sending of cases may be not automatic in all PACS and depending on human factor. This review is discussing two ... Read more

2021 | Keywords PACS,
Implementations of PACS and Teleradiology Systems In Sohag University Hospital
Abstract: Purpose To Evaluate & Enhance Current use & Acquired Experiences, of PACS & Teleradiology systems in Sohag university hospital in general and Radiology Department specifically. Methods Millensys PACS "work space version" (Millensys company, Egypt), installed in Radiology Department , Sohag University Hospital to be evaluated regarding the acquired experience & values of its application & use during the ... Read more

2021 | Keywords COVID-19,
Epidemiological Study of COVID-19 among Healthcare Workers
ABSTRACT Background: Health care workers (HCWs) are crucial to maintaining healthcare services during COVID-19 pandemic. One of the greatest risks to healthcare system is the potentially high rate of infections due to COVID -19 among HCWs. Objective: To summarize the epidemiologic characteristics, clinical features, radiologic findings, laboratory data, and outcomes of health care workers diagnosed with coronavirus disease 2019 (COVID-19) ... Read more

2020 | Keywords PACS,
Implementations of PACS and Teleradiology Systems: An Updated Review of the Literature
Abstract Radiology by its nature is intricately connected to the Internet and is at the forefront of technology in medicine. The past few years have seen a dramatic rise in Internet-based technology in healthcare, with imaging as a core application. Numerous Internet-based applications and technologies have made advancements of wide steps into medicine, and for radiology it is more effective ... Read more

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