Prof. Dr. Ahmed Mohamed Youssef

Professor - Professor and Consultant of Geological Hazards and Engineering

Faculty of science

Address: Sohag -Naser city


2007 | Keywords RS. Sustainable Development,
Using Remotely Sensed Data, Gis, And Field Investigation For Preliminary Considerations Of Sustainable Development: West Qena Area, Egypt
The Egyptian Government and the private sector are interested in developing the low desert zone outside the flood plain of the River Nile. The low desert zone, west Qena Governorate, represents large future sustainable zone for different types of activities including agricultural, urbanization, wastewater disposal and landfill sites, and industrial zones. This zone covers ~1432 km2 and will be considered ... Read more

2007 | Keywords Highway. Video logs,
RockSee: Video image measurements of physical features to aid in highway rock cut characterization
Maintaining highway rock cuts for the safety of the motoring public from the risk and consequence of falling rock is an enormous task for State Departments of Transportation. The amount of work to even evaluate and prioritize the remediation effort is prohibitive. To facilitate the prioritization of remediation efforts, a new rock fall hazard rating system has been developed for ... Read more

2005 | Keywords Risk. Consequence. Highways,
New Risk–Consequence Rockfall Hazard Rating System for Missouri Highways Using Digital Image Analysis
The Missouri Rockfall Hazard Rating System (MORFH RS) is a new scheme for rating rockfall hazards along the roads of the Missouri State highway system. Existing rating systems used in other jurisdictions focus on the risk of failure and ignore the consequence of failure, or they lump the ratings for risk and consequence together. Missouri highway rock cuts tend to ... Read more