Moayed Mohamed

Teadching-Assistant - مدرس مساعد في قسم الكهرباء- كلية التعليم الصناعي- جامعة سوهاج

Faculty of industrial education

Address: خلف المدينة الجامعية للطالبات- سوهاج



Publications Which contain the keyword: Body weight

"Impact of Chinese royal jelly on performance, behaviour and some blood parameters in broilers reared under high stocking density."
OBJECTIVE: This experiment was conducted to assess the use of Chinese Royal Jelly (RJ) over a 6 weeks period on performance, behaviour and BLOOD PARAMETERS of broilers. METHODOLOGY:Approximalty,180 one-day-old Ross broiler chicks were randomly assigned to six treatment groups as follows; Group 1: Control (LSD; 8 birds, per meter square and no supplementation), Group 2: High stocking density (HSD; 16 ... Read more

2018-10-29 01:21:02 Keywords egg quality traits, Behavior, performance, Laying hens, Body weight,
"Effect of 1-Day-Old Body Weight on Subsequent Performance, Behavior and Egg Quality Traits in Laying Hyline-White Hens Kept in Cages ".
One of the main goals of chicken breeders is to improve laying performance and therefore, reliable predictors are required. In this study, the effect of 1-day-old chicks body weight (BW) on the laying performance, behavior and egg quality traits of laying Hyline-white hens was examined from 20-40 weeks. A total of 180 chicks were separated into three categories based on ... Read more

2018-10-21 11:40:36 Keywords Body weight, Milk yield, Productivity, Sucking lice, Dairy buffalo,
Recovery Ability of Dairy Buffalo Productivity after Treatment against Lice Infestation
The current study was carried out to determine the impact of sucking lice (Haematopinus tubercultus.) infestation on dairy buffalo cows productivity. Twenty four dairy buffalo cows were examined for lice infestation at the Experimental Animal Farm, Faculty of Agriculture, Sohag University, El-Kawamel city, Egypt. Animals were divided into two groups according to infection (14 uninfected animals and10 infected animals). Individual ... Read more

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