Dr.-Ing. Samy Sadek

Assistant Professor - Neuro-IT (Artificial Vision), Vice-Dean for Graduate Studies and Research

Faculty of Computers and Information

Address: P. O Box 82533 Sohag, Egypt



Publications Which contain the keyword: Human activity recognition

Human activity recognition: A scheme using multiple cues
In this work, a schematic model for human activity recognition based on multiple cues is introduced. In the beginning, a sequence of temporal silhouettes of the moving human body parts are extracted from a video clip (i.e., an action snippet). Next, each action snippet is temporally split into several time-slices represented by fuzzy intervals. As shape features, a variety of ... Read more

Toward real-world activity recognition: An SVM based system using fuzzy directional features
Despite their attractive properties of invariance, robustness and reliability, fuzzy directional features are not hitherto paid the attention they deserve in the activity recognition literature. In this paper, we propose to adopt an innovative approach for activity recognition in real-world scenes, where a new fuzzy motion descriptor is developed to model activities as time series of fuzzy directional features. A ... Read more

Toward Robust Action Retrieval in Video
Retrieving human actions from video databases is a paramount but challenging task in computer vision. In this work, we develop such a framework for robustly recognizing human actions in video sequences. The contribution of the paper is twofold. First a reliable neural model, the Multi-level Sigmoidal Neural Network (MSNN) as a classifier for the task of action recognition is presented. ... Read more

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