Lobna Abdel-Mohsen Ebaid Nassr

Professor - Head Of Chemistry Department- Director of Quality Management Unit - Faculty of Science - Sohag University

Faculty of science

Address: Chemistry Department - Faculty of Science - Sohag University



Publications Which contain the keyword: peptide

2020-07-15 14:55:37 Keywords amino acid, peptide, Cyclopept,
Design, Synthesis of Novel Cyclic Pentapeptide Derivatives Based on 1,2-Benzenedicarbonyl Chloride with Expected Anticancer Activity
Linear pentapeptide ester, phthaloyl-bis-[glycylglycine]-OMe, 3, have been prepared via coupling of N-phthalic acid or dichloride with glycylglycine ester, which was hydrolyzed to the corresponding acid, phthaloyl-bis-[glycylglycine], 4. Cyclization of tetrapeptide acids to give cyclic pentapeptide esters, acids and hydrazides. A preliminary cytotoxicity evaluation (National Cancer Institute, Cairo, EGYPT), for a representative example, Cyclo-(phthaloyl)-)-bis-[glycylglycine]-L-Lys-OMe (phthaloyl cyclic pentapeptide methyl ester) 5, against ... Read more

2018-10-27 21:52:15 Keywords peptide, HLA, cytotoxic T cell,
Capability of SART3109-118 peptide to induce cytotoxic T lymphocytes from prostate cancer patients with HLA class I-A11, -A31 and -A33 alleles
Abstract. We previously reported the SART3 gene to be a tumor-rejection antigen gene encoding a peptide at positions 109-118 (SART3109-118) with the ability to induce HLA-A24-restricted cytotoxic T lymphocytes. In this study, we investigated both humoral and cellular responses to this peptide in cancer patients with alleles other than HLA-A24 to explore the possibility of using this peptide as a ... Read more

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