Prof. Dr. Ahmed Mohamed Youssef

Professor - Professor and Consultant of Geological Hazards and Engineering

Faculty of science

Address: Sohag -Naser city



Publications Which contain the keyword: content-based image retrieval

Cubic-spline neural network-based system for image retrieval
Research in content-based image retrieval (CBIR) shows that high-level semantic concepts in image cannot be constantly depicted using low-level image features. So the process of designing a CBIR system should take into account diminishing the existing gap between low-level visual image features and the high-level semantic concepts. In this paper, we propose a new architecture for a CBIR system named ... Read more

Efficient Region-Based Image Querying
Retrieving images from large and varied repositories using visual contents has been one of major research items, but a challenging task in the image management community. In this paper we present an efficient approach for region-based image classification and retrieval using a fast multi-level neural network model. The advantages of this neural model in image classification and retrieval domain will ... Read more

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