Lobna Abdel-Mohsen Ebaid Nassr

Professor - Head Of Chemistry Department- Director of Quality Management Unit - Faculty of Science - Sohag University

Faculty of science

Address: Chemistry Department - Faculty of Science - Sohag University



Publications Which contain the keyword: Chemistry

Role of Chemistry in Implementation the Sustainable Development Goals
The United Nations in September 2015 agreed on a new global Agenda to take the world on a sustainable pathway. The 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development involves 17 sustainable development goals (SDGs) for countries to reach by 2030. The sustainable development goals are started to be implemented from January 2016 in all around the world. Implementationof SDGs needs executed policies ... Read more

2018-11-01 09:10:09 Keywords Chemistry, ultraviolet photoresists,
Influence of base and photoacid generator on deprotection blur in extreme ultraviolet photoresists and some thoughts on shot noise
A contact-hole deprotection blur metric has been used to monitor the deprotection blur of an experimental open platform resist (EH27) as the wt % of base and photoacid generator (PAG) were varied. A six times increase in base wt % is shown to reduce the size of successfully patterned 1:1 line-space features from 52 to 39 nm without changing deprotection ... Read more

2018-11-01 09:20:31 Keywords EUV photoresists, Chemistry,
Photons, electrons, and acid yields in EUV photoresists: A progress report
This paper describes our initial investigation into building a greater understanding of the complex mechanism occurring during extreme ultraviolet (EUV) exposure of resist materials. In particular, we are focusing on the number and energy of photoelectrons generated and available for reaction with photoacid generators (PAGs). We propose that this approach will best enable the industry to develop resists capable of ... Read more

2018-11-01 09:32:41 Keywords ultraviolet resists, Chemistry,
Investigation of sensitivity of extreme ultraviolet resists to out-of-band radiation
A method to evaluate the sensitivity of photoresists used for extreme ultraviolet (EUV) lithography has been developed. EUV sources produce out-of-band radiation and the reflective optics used in EUV tools reflect some of this out-of-band light on the wafer plane. The effect of exposing these photoresists to this unwanted light can reduce the image contrast on the wafer, and thereby ... Read more

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