Mohamed Gamal Ibrahim

Teadching-Assistant -

Faculty of engineering

Address: 24 Saad Ibn-Elrabaa Street, Sohag, Egypt



Publications Which contain the keyword: pile wall

2019-10-13 18:16:35 Keywords Adjacent pile group, soil movement, Excavation, pile wall,
The Influence of Excavation on Behavior of Piles Supporting Excavation and an Adjacent Pile Foundation
In urban environment, most buildings are adjacent to each other. High rise buildings need deep excavation. The excavation will cause large soil movement and may cause damage to the adjacent building. For this reason, this research studies the effect of nearby excavation on existing pile group and piles supporting excavation numerically. This research investigates the behavior of piles supporting excavation ... Read more

2018-11-15 12:40:41 Keywords Excavation, pile wall, adjacent building,
Analysis of Piles Supporting Excavation Adjacent to Existing Buildings
ABSTRACT: In urban environment, excavation adjacent to existing buildings is common. Supporting excavation is important to prevent damaging of the adjacent buildings. There are many factors affecting the selection of the supporting system. Some of them are soil behavior, type of foundation, foundation level of the adjacent buildings, and the budget of the project under construction. In order to reduce ... Read more

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