Abdelrahman Adel Abdelaziz Elsayed

Lecturer - Consultant cardiothoracic Surgery

Faculty of medicine

Address: Cairo_ Madinaty



Publications Which contain the keyword: Frontal

2024-01-31 02:38:13 Keywords CT paranasal sinuses, Frontal,
Absent frontal sinus: an uncommon radiological finding that should not be missed in CT report—letter to the editor
Paranasal sinuses are the cavities at the skull that make it lighter in relation to its volume. Sinuses are present on both sides at their locations either frontal, ethmoid, maxillary, or sphenoid sinuses [1]. Aplasia or agenesis of sinuses can occur alone or in association with other syndromes and can occur also unilateral or bilateral [2]. Frontal and maxillary sinuses ... Read more

2019-02-12 22:41:29 Keywords CT, Frontal, Goat, Maxillary,
Computed tomography and dissection anatomy of the frontal and maxillary sinuses in native Egyptian goats
the frontal and maxillary sinuses of native goats were studied with computed tomographic imaging. the anatomical features and comunications of each sinus were explored and higlighted and compared with the gross anatomical features, the study bring the light to the importance of computed tomography in viewing the features of the frontal and maxillary sinuses of goats. Read more

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