Ahmed Roshdi Hamed Ahmed

Assistant Professor - Assistantt Professor of Pathology

Faculty of medicine

Address: Sohag, Naser City.



Publications Which contain the keyword: carbon nanotubes

Design And Characterisation Of Novel Sorafenib-Loaded Carbon Nanotubes With Distinct Tumour-Suppressive Activity InHepatocellular Carcinoma
PURPOSE Over the past 30 years, no consistent survival benefits have been recorded for anticancer agents of advanced hepatocellular carcinoma (HCC), except for the multikinase inhibitor sorafenib (Nexavar®), which clinically achieves only ~3 months overall survival benefit. This modest benefit is attributed to limited aqueous solubility, slow dissolution rate and, consequently, limited absorption from the gastrointestinal tract. Thus, novel formulation ... Read more

2019-12-29 22:00:57 Keywords sorafenib, carbon nanotubes,
Accelerated Stability Testing of Microcapsulated Sorafenib-loaded Carbon nanotubes Prepared by emulsification/internal gelation Method
This work aims to evaluate the effect of environmental factors, including temperature, humidity, and light, on the quality of a drug substance or a formulated product which is utilized for prediction of its shelf life, to determine proper storage conditions and to suggest labeling instructions. Moreover, the data generated during the stability testing is an important requirement for regulatory approval ... Read more

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