Eman Muhammad Salah El-Deen Muhammad Shalabi

Professor - Professor Emeritus of Pathology

Faculty of medicine

Address: القوصية - محافظة أسيوط



Publications Which contain the keyword: Survivin

2018-10-31 13:02:53 Keywords Survivin, acne vulgaris,
Survivin as a Novel Biomarker in the Pathogenesis of Acne Vulgaris and Its Correlation to Insulin-Like Growth Factor-I
Survivin, a member of the inhibitor of apoptosis protein family, has an important role in cell cycle regulation. Insulin-like growth factor-I (IGF-I) is a polypeptide hormone with wide range of biologic effects including stimulation of lipogenesis in sebaceous glands. Their overexpression in some fibrotic disorders suggests a possible implication of both IGF-I and survivin in the pathogenesis of acne and/or ... Read more

Survivin mutation and wild type P53 tumor suppressor gene expression in Egyptian patients with acute leukemia
_SURVIVIN MUTATION AND WILD TYPE P53 TUMOR SUPPRESSOR GENE EXPRESSION IN EGYPTIAN PATIENTS WITH ACUTE LEUKEMIA: __Hasnaa A. Abo-Elwafa, Fadia M. Attia, Amany M Hesen, Amany ElBaz, Clinical Pathology Department, Sohag University, Clinical Pathology Department and Physiology Department Suez canal university. The Egyptian Journal of Hematology, Vol. (35), No.(4), p387-390 September 2010._ _ABSTRACT:__ Survivin a member of the inhibitors of ... Read more

2018-09-08 00:09:25 Keywords squamous cell carcinoma, Larynx, Bax, Bcl- Bcl-xL, Survivin,
Expression of Survivin, Bcl-xL and Bax in Laryngeal Squamous Cell Carcinoma; A Clinicopathological Study
ABSTRACT Laryngeal squamous cell carcinoma (SCC) is the most frequent tumor of head and neck region. Survivin (SVV) is one of the inhibitors of apoptosis which is over-expressed in almost all malignancies but rarely detected in normal differentiated adult tissues. Bcl-XL and Bax are members of a family of proteins that regulate apoptosis. In contrast to Bcl-XL that inhibits apoptosis ... Read more

2018-09-08 12:12:22 Keywords Survivin, Glioma,
Role of Survivin in Glioma Progression: A Clinico-Pathological Study
ABSTRACT OBJECT: Gliomas are among the most aggressive of all human malignancies. Glioblastoma multiforme is the most malignant histo-pathological subtype. Survivin is one of the inhibitors of apoptosis. It is over-expressed in many human cancers. We performed clinical and pathological study aimed to clarify its role in glioma progression. METHODS: This study included 34 glioma patients. Clinical evaluation including age, ... Read more

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