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2018-09-02 13:17:09 Keywords landuse, change, hydrogeology, deterioration, temple of Medamoud, Luxor, Egypt,
Preliminary investigation of the impact of landuse change and the hydrogeological conditions on deterioration of the Temple of Medamud, Luxor, Egypt.
The Temple of Medamud is one of the most valuable temples at Luxor that is currently threatened by agricultural expansion and urban encroachment since the last fourty years. The temple is currently threate sewage water from the increasingly urban encroachment were different forms of deterioration are noted represented by salt efflorescence on the temple remains, soil salinization on the ground, ... Read more

2018-09-02 13:45:01 Keywords water consumption, demand forecasting, Luxor, Egypt,
Water use at Luxor, Egypt: Consumption analysis and future demand forecasting.
Water resources in Egypt are becoming scarce and the demand for clean drinking water supply is one of the most important priorities of the Egyptian government in recent years. Analyzing water use and future demand forecasting is a primitive clue for water demand management. Water in Luxor is used for agricultural, residential, institutional, commercial, and touristic purposes. The results of ... Read more

2018-09-02 13:48:42 Keywords fluoride, Groundwater, Luxor, Egypt, Quaternaru aquifer, Nile Valley,
Fluoride in Quaternary groundwater aquifer, Nile Valley, Luxor, Egypt.
The occurrence of fluoride in ground water is the focus of the public and has attracted the attention of many scientists all over the world due to its importance in public health. Deficiency or increase of fluoride uptake is considered a public health problem due to the narrow permissible limit which should not exceed 1.5 mg/l according to the World ... Read more

2018-09-02 23:16:58 Keywords taxonomiy, systematics, Rubiaceae, morphology, Galium, fruits, Egypt, distribution,
Two subspecies of Galium setaceum (Rubiaceae) in Egypt
The systematics, distribution and morphology of Galium setaceum (Rubiaceae) in Egypt are described in the article. A full discussion is provided of all morphological characters, systematic treatment and nomenclature based on macro characters, such as habit, distribution, leaf, inflorescence, peduncle, pedicel, flowers, and micro characters of trichomes. G. setaceum subsp. decaisni is identified for the flora of Egypt for the ... Read more