Professor - استاذ مساعد بقسم الباثولوجيا الاكلينكيه كليه طب سوهاج

Faculty of medicine

Address: ش الجمهوريه امام النادي البحري سوهاج ثان- سوهاج



Publications Which contain the keyword: nephropathy.

2018-10-17 21:17:31 Keywords vaspin, TNF alpha, DM Type 2, nephropathy.,
Levels of serum vaspin and tumor necrosis factor-α in patients with type 2 diabetes mellitus in relation to kidney function and glycemic control
the main aim of study that we detected the role of vaspin and TNF alpha in detection of nephropathy in type 2 DM Read more

2018-09-13 09:25:11 Keywords INTERLEUKIN-10, type 2 diabetes, nephropathy.,
Association of interleukin-10 (−592A/C) gene polymorphism with its level in type 2 diabetes mellitus with and without nephropathy Read more

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