Esam Mohamed Abdalla Ali

Lecturer - PhD

Faculty of medicine

Address: Tahta - Sohag



Publications Which contain the keyword: nail

2018-10-28 11:41:14 Keywords Cocaine hydrochloride, nail, Forensics, Raman spectroscopy,
Raman spectroscopic investigation of cocaine hydrochloride on human nail in a  forensic context
This study describes the application of Raman spectroscopy to the detection of drugs of abuse and noncontrolled substances used in the adulteration of drugs of abuse on human nail. Contamination of the nail may result from handling or abusing these substances. Raman spectra of pure cocaine hydrochloride, a seized street sample of cocaine hydrochloride (77%), and paracetamol could be acquired ... Read more

2018-09-13 14:24:50 Keywords nonunion, tibia, plate , nail, nonunion tibia plate nail,
Managment of aseptic non union tibia using interlocking nail versus plating
MANAGEMENT OF ASEPTIC NON UNION TIBIA USING PLATING OR INTERLOCKING NAIL WITH OR WITHOUT BONE GRAFTING Meshneb M , Saleh A , Noaman H , Sheha A . Orthopedics department , Sohag university , Sohag , Egypt BACKGROUND : 'The purpose of this study is to compare results of usage of reamed interlocking nail versus plating in management of aseptic ... Read more

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