ahmed Salah Eldin saro

Assistant Professor - Assistant Professor of neurosurgery - Sohag faculty of medicine

Faculty of medicine

Address: Neurosurgery department- sohag faculty of medicine- Naser city - Sohag



Publications Which contain the keyword: Prognosis

2018-10-31 01:55:34 Keywords cirrhosis, Prognosis,
Prognosis and determinants of pregnancy outcome in patients with post-hepatitis liver cirrhosis
OBJECTIVES: To evaluate the maternal, fetal, and neonatal outcomes, and address the factors which influence the maternal outcome in pregnant patients with liver cirrhosis. METHODS: A prospective cohort study which included 129 pregnant patients with liver cirrhosis (study group). A total of two control groups were enrolled; the 1st (pregnant non-cirrhotic; n = 647); the 2nd (non-pregnant cirrhotic; n = ... Read more

Study of patients with nephrotic syndrome in Sohag University Hospital
Background Nephrotic syndrome is not a disease; it is the manifestation of a wide variety of underlying disease processes. Objectives The aim of the present study was to investigate different clinic-laboratory and histological patterns of nephrotic syndrome and the relationship between its clinical character and prognosis. Methods From January 2010 to December 2011 the authors of the present study retrospectively ... Read more

Surgical management of carpal tunnel syndrome in elderly people, is it satisfactory?
SURGICAL MANAGEMENT OF CARPAL TUNNEL SYNDROME IN ELDERLY PEOPLE, IS IT SATISFACTORY ? INTRODUCTION: The steps of treating the carpal tunnel syndrome are conservative treatment followed by surgical options either standard open surgery or endoscopic maneuver if the conservative treatment failed or neurological deficit appeared. Nevertheless, the surgical intervention outcome in elderly is questionable. Moreover, elderly people are less convinced ... Read more

Prognostic Value of Oral Glucose Tolerance Test, Insulin Like Growth Factor-I and Transferrin in Cirrhotic Patients
BACKGROUND: Glucose intolerance occurs frequently in patients with liver cirrhosis. However, few studies have assessed its prognostic value in patients with liver cirrhosis. AIM: To evaluate the importance of oral glucose tolerance test (OGTT), insulin-like growth factor-I (IGF-I) and serum transferrin (TRF) in prediction of disease outcome in patients with posthepatitic liver cirrhosis . METHODS: Seventy-four patients with posthepatitic liver ... Read more

Using the Canadian and Scandinavian Stroke Scales for prediction of short-term outcome in ischemic stroke patients in Sohag, Upper Egypt. Is there a difference?
ABSTRACT BACKGROUND: Among stroke scales we considered the Canadian Stroke Scale (CSS) and Scandinavian Stroke Scale (SSS) as the most suitable and most simple to be applied on our population for further generalization on other community hospitals. OBJECTIVE: We aimed to determine which one of the two scales has the best predictive power of outcome. SUBJECTS AND METHODS: Equally trained ... Read more

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