Rapidly and Highly Yielded Synthesis of Pyrimidine, Dihydropyrimidinone, and Triazino[2,1‐b]quinazolin‐6‐ones Derivatives
The reaction of 4‐oxo‐3,4‐dihydroquinazolinyl‐2‐guanidine 1 with several active methylene compounds has revealed formation of the corresponding hydropyrimidine and dihydropyrimidnone (DHPMs) derivatives via cycloaddition reaction mechanism. Satisfactory results were obtained with good yields, short time, and simplicity in the experimental procedure. Reaction with ketones in DMF proceeded via (5+1) heterocyclization and resulted in the formation of 2‐amino‐4‐(het)aryl‐4,6‐dihydro‐1(3)(11)H‐[1,3,5] triazino[2,1‐b]quinazolin‐6‐ones 8‐13, respectively. All ... إقراء المزيد