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المنشورات و المؤلفات التي تحتوي علي الكلمة المفتاحية: OAT

2019-04-22 12:40:59 الكلمات المفتاحية Tarhana, Antioxidant activity, sensory parameters, Barley, OAT,
Physico-chemical and Sensory Properties of Tarhana Prepared from Different Cereals and Dairy Ingredients
Tarhana is a traditional fermented food made from cereals and yoghurt mixture and popular in some European and African countries. In this study, the effects of wheat, oat or barley flour with cow or goat yoghurt on the physico-chemical and sensory properties of Tarhana were investigated. A gradually increased in acidity of all prepared Tarhana dough samples was found during ... إقراء المزيد

2018-09-29 20:09:32 الكلمات المفتاحية OAT, Sperm, Oxidative stress, Reactive oxygen species,
Oxidative stress and epididymal sperm transport, motility and morphological defects
Objectives: Radical oxidative species (ROS) have an important effect on sperm quality and quantity. Oxidative stress (OS) occurs when production of potentially destructive reactive oxygen species (ROS) exceeds the body’s own natural antioxidant defenses, resulting in cellular damage. OS is a common pathology seen in approximately half of all infertile men. Increased ROS generation and reduced antioxidant capacity is negatively ... إقراء المزيد

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