Khaled M. H. Mohammed

Lecturer - Lecturer in Physical Chemistry

Faculty of science

Address: Chemistry Department, Faculty of Science, Sohag University, Sohag, 82524, Egypt



Publications Which contain the keyword: Sol gel

2018-10-15 12:01:39 Keywords Sol gel,
The Diffusion Control in Sol-Gel Transformation
The Diffusion Control in Sol-Gel Transformation Read more

Sol–gel Derived Mixed Oxide Zirconia: Titania Green Heterogeneous Catalysts and Their Performance in Acridine Derivatives Synthesis
Various zirconia content in ZrO2–TiO2 mixed oxide catalysts (x=5, 10, 20 ZrO2wt%) were synthesized by cost-effective sol–gel process and characterized by different techniques, i.e. XRD diffraction patterns, TG– DTA analyses, FTIR spectroscopy, N2 adsorption/desorp-tion measurements, and TEM microscope. The investiga-tion of the acidic/basic properties was studied by means of FTIR spectroscopy using pyridine as an adsorbed mole-cule. Characterization estimates exhibit ... Read more

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