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Dermatofibrosarcoma of The Breast – Case Report and Review of Literature
Dermatofibrosarcoma protuberans is a rare form of soft tissue sarcoma that tends to invade and recur locally. The most common site of this disease is head, neck and extremities; however, the involvement of the breast has been reported. We present a case with a dermatofibrosarcoma of the breast that is composed of low-grade spindle cells which are positive for CD43. ... Read more

Gingerol-derivatives: emerging new therapy against human drug-resistant MCF-7
Cancer chemotherapies have been improved dramatically over the last two decades. In the case of human breast cancer, the combination chemotherapeutic protocol, cyclophosphamide (CPA), doxorubicin (DOX), and 5-fluorouracil (5-FU) (CDF), is often used. Nevertheless, the clinical usefulness of CDF is limited by its remarkably low therapeutic window and frequent eruption of resistance. These limitations prompted our search for a more ... Read more

2018-09-25 09:16:23 Keywords breast cancer, CA 15-3,
Value of CA 15-3 in Female Patients with Breast Cancer
INTRODUCTION: Breast cancer (BC) is most common cancer site in women worldwide. The CA 15-3 is tumor associated antigen which detects soluble forms of MUC-1 protein. In normal breast tissue MUC-1 is expressed in the duct and acini, but with neoplastic transformation normal cell polarization and tissue architecture is disrupted leading to shedding of MUC-1 in the blood, where it ... Read more

2018-09-20 08:22:38 Keywords breast cancer, Invasion, TFF3,
TFF3 is a normal breast epithelial protein and is associated with differentiated phenotype in early breast cancer but predisposes to invasion and metastasis in advanced disease.
The trefoil protein TFF3 stimulates invasion and angiogenesis in vitro. To determine whether it has a role in breast tumor metastasis and angiogenesis, its levels were measured by immunohistochemistry in breast tissue with a specific monoclonal antibody raised against human TFF3. TFF3 is expressed in normal breast lobules and ducts, at higher levels in areas of fibrocystic change and papillomas, ... Read more

2018-09-19 15:24:25 Keywords breast cancer, Osteopontin,
Role of osteopontin and its rs11730582 gene polymorphism in breast cancer
Abstract Background Get rights and content Osteopontin (OPN) is an extracellular matrix protein of the integrin family that is involved in several biological pathways. Genetic polymorphisms in OPN gene has been found associated with many types of cancer. Aims In this investigation, we aimed to study the possible role of OPN and its rs11730582 C/T single nucleotide polymorphism (SNP) in ... Read more

2018-09-19 15:29:09 Keywords breast cancer,
Evaluation of some biomarkers in breast cancer patients
Abstract Background.Osteopontin (OPN) is an extracellularmatrix protein that is overexpressed in various cancers and promotes onco-genic features including cell proliferation, survival,migration, and angiogenesis. Here, we analyzed the correlation between the expression pattern of (osteopontin and CA15.3) and clinic-pathological status ofbreast cancer and other standard prognostic factors. Patients and methods.A case control study with 60 female breast cancer patients and 20 ... Read more

2018-09-20 09:38:04 Keywords HER2, ER, Axillary LN, breast cancer, PR,
Correlation of Breast Cancer Subtypes Based on ER, PR and HER2 Expression with Axillary Lymph Node Status
Background: Lymph node metastasis is the most important prognostic factor in breast cancer patients. The present study was carried out to evaluate the association between ER, PR and HER-2/neu expression status, separately and in combinations with axillary lymph node involvement. Patients and methods: Two hundred and fifty eight breast cancer patients treated with modified radical mastectomy with axillary lymph node ... Read more

2018-09-12 22:46:15 Keywords P53, breast cancer, Apoptosis,
Immunohistochemical p53 expression in breast carcinoma with correlation to clinic-pathological parameters.
Background: P53 is a tomour suppressor gene that plays a critical role in preventing human cancer formation. In response to a variety of of stress signals p53 becomes activated and induces cell cycle arrest and/or apoptosis. We Aimed to: 1. study the immunohistochemical profileof p53 in breast carcinoma (BC). 2. Assess its prognostic value in relation to clinico-pathological prognostic factors ... Read more

Breast cancer: knowledge, attitudes and practices of women and health care provider: A program for screening in Sohag
Introduction: Breast cancer remains a worldwide public health concern despite the fact that mortality rates have been declining in some countries as a result of improvements in adjuvant therapy and screening for breast cancer. Despite therapeutic improvements, breast cancer mortality still remains important and varying according to regions (five years survival: 62 to 80% for the last years). The risk ... Read more

2018-09-01 20:00:19 Keywords ER, PR, Her-2, triple negative, breast cancer,
The prognostic value of triple negative in stage II/III breast cancer
ABSTRACT INTRODUCTION. Breast cancer is no longer seen as a single disease but rather a multifaceted disease composed of distinct biological subtypes with diverse natural history, clinical, pathological, and molecular features. Recent attention has been directed at the molecular classification of breast cancer. Objective. To evaluate the prognostic value of triple-negative subtype in stage II/III breast cancer and to define ... Read more