ahmed Salah Eldin saro

Assistant Professor - Assistant Professor of neurosurgery - Sohag faculty of medicine

Faculty of medicine

Address: Neurosurgery department- sohag faculty of medicine- Naser city - Sohag



Publications Which contain the keyword: conservative treatment

Surgical management of carpal tunnel syndrome in elderly people, is it satisfactory?
SURGICAL MANAGEMENT OF CARPAL TUNNEL SYNDROME IN ELDERLY PEOPLE, IS IT SATISFACTORY ? INTRODUCTION: The steps of treating the carpal tunnel syndrome are conservative treatment followed by surgical options either standard open surgery or endoscopic maneuver if the conservative treatment failed or neurological deficit appeared. Nevertheless, the surgical intervention outcome in elderly is questionable. Moreover, elderly people are less convinced ... Read more

Brain abscesses, local experience in Sohag, epidemiology, and outcome
BACKGROUND: In spite of the rapid advances in both diagnostic and therapeutic roles in the field of central nervous system infections, brain abscesses remain a difficult challenge that faces physicians to choose the ideal management route. The abscess is a result of the patient’s internal conflict between immunity and the virulence of the organism. This study is to report our ... Read more

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