Dr. Fouad Metry Atia Yousef

Professor - Professer of the community medicine and public health

Faculty of medicine

Address: Sohag university , faculty of medicine, community medicine and public health department



Publications Which contain the keyword: M.

Knowledge and Skills levels of Sheep Raisers and Factors Affecting them in Assiut and sohag governorates
KNOWLEDGE AND SKILLS LEVELS OF SHEEP RAISERS AND FACTORS AFFECTING THEM IN ASSIUT AND SOHAG GOVERNORATES Abd-El Moneim, M., Abd-El Rahman* and Gamal, M., Solouma** * Department of Agricultural Economic, faculty of Agriculture – sohag university * Department of animal production, faculty of Agriculture – sohag university ABSTRACT The main Purpose of this research was to determine the extension Knowledge ... Read more

Vestibular Functions in Hearing Impaired Children
_OBJECTIVES: __to assess function of the vestibular system through evaluation of vestibulo-ocular, the vestibulocollic and the vestibulospinal reflexes in children with sensory neural hearing loss._ _METHOD: __40 normal hearing children (control subjects) and 80 hearing impaired children classified as mild, moderate, severe, and profound according to their hearing threshold. Ice caloric test, vestibular evoked myogenic potential (VEMP), and sensory organization ... Read more

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