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المنشورات و المؤلفات التي تحتوي علي الكلمة المفتاحية: exercise

2018-10-14 00:06:22 الكلمات المفتاحية cardiac action potential, Fish heart, excitation threshold, exercise, catch-and-release fishing,
Electrical excitability of roach (Rutilus rutilus) ventricular myocytes: effects of extracellular K+, temperature, and pacing frequency
Exercise, capture, and handling stress in fish can elevate extracellular K+ concentration ([K+]o) with potential impact on heart function in a temperature- and frequency-dependent manner. To this end, the effects of [K+]o on the excitability of ventricular myocytes of winter-acclimatized roach (_Rutilus rutilus_) (4 ± 0.5°C) were examined at different test temperatures and varying pacing rates. Frequencies corresponding to in ... إقراء المزيد

2018-10-14 18:15:56 الكلمات المفتاحية melatonin, Oxidative stress, exercise, Antioxidants, skeletal muscle, athletes,
The benefit of a supplement with the antioxidant melatonin on redox status and muscle damage in resistance-trained athletes
Previous data showed that the administration of high doses of melatonin improved the circadian system in athletes. Here, we investigated in the same experimental paradigm whether the antioxidant properties of melatonin has also beneficial effects against exercise-induced oxidative stress and muscle damage in athletes. Twenty-four athletes were treated with 100 of melatonin or placebo 30 min before bedtime during ... إقراء المزيد

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