Alaa- Eldin Hassan Mohamed (Alaa Elsuity)

Professor - Professor of General Surgery

Faculty of medicine

Address: 25 El-Gomhoryia Street- Elmoubarak Tower-Sohag


Outpatient clinic session tasks
At Surgery outpatient clinic, the Senior or Jenior staff member learn the students main spot diagnosis, examinations of common surgical problems. Read more

Skill lab Session Tasks for undergraduate Students
Clinical skills laboratories are educational facilities that have the potential benefit for undergraduate medical students . They provide a safe and protected environment in which the learner can practise clinical skills before using them in real clinical settings. These skills laboratories help to ensure that all students acquire the necessary techniques and are properly assessed before practising on real patients. ... Read more

Learning operative Sessions for Undergraduate Students
It includes indications, anatomy, general techniques and features of the operations and concludes with post operative complications associated with the operation describe. This occurs in the operation theatre by Senior staff member. The tasks include learing of the following:- 1-Abdominal incisions 2-Drainage in abdominal surgery 3-Breast surgery 4-Thyroid surgery 5-Appendicectomy 6-Cholecystectomy (Laporoscopic and open surgery) 7-Hernia surgery Read more

Surgical Instruments  Session for Medical Students
The Staff member learn the students how to identify surgical instruments and link between these instruments and surgical operation through the clinical round:- 1-Identifications of tubes and catheters 2-identification of artery Forceps, Kocher,s Forceps, Allis Forceps. 3-Crushing and non-crushing intestinal clamps. 4-Abdominal retractors Read more

Surgical Pathology
The staff member learn the students how to identify pathological lesions in Jars containing post operative surgical specimens of common surgical conditions through the clinical round which include the following:- 1-Traumatic rupture spleen 2-Breast cancer 3-thyroid gland disorders 4-Cancer transverse colon 5-cancer rectum 6-Appendicitis 7-gall bladder stones 8-testicular tumors Read more

Imaging studies for Medical students
The goal of this task is to present the optimal methods of imaging studies for a particular surgical conditions it include applications of many types of equipements thus showing the uniqe advantages of each. this performed by the staff member in radiological and imaging session durin the clinical round session. it include :- 1-Plain x-ray on abdomen 2-Barium swallow for ... Read more

Student Professional clinical skills
The staff member learn the students the clinical skills in the clinical round session (3 hours daily all over the week) for 3 months through 2 sessions , the 1st one is presented by the Jenoir staff , the second is presented by the senior staff membe. these tasks are performed through scientific clinical round session and case presentation. By ... Read more