Socrates was not entirely successful in saving Athens from its antiphilosophical
ways, yet nonetheless Athens owed him thanks. Likewise
a number of readers have not entirely succeeded in saving this book
from error, yet nonetheless I owe them thanks. Brian Hutler – with his
genius for philosophy, his savvy as a manuscript reviewer, his devoted
and detailed comments on each chapter as I first drafted it, and his final
review of the whole – has played the greatest role in leading me to
improve content, structure, and style.
In addition Kofi Ackah, Ashraf Adeel, Mark Budolfson, Mehmet
Erginel, Gale Justin, José Lourenço, Fernando Muniz, Debra Nails, Hope
Lindsay Rudebusch, and Christopher Turner each gave me a critical
review of the entire book and comments that led to substantial changes.
For astute help at various points, I thank Michael Baun, Betty Belfiore,
Jeffrey Downard, Gail Fine, Steven Funk, Chris Griffin, Stephen Halliwell,
Matthew Herbert, Adam Hutler, Rachana Kamtekar, Joe Lauer, Mark
McPherran, Sara Rappe, Naomi Reshotko, Nicholas D. Smith, and
Mike Stallard. For encouraging me at the outset to undertake the project,
I thank Georgios Anagnostopoulos, Julia Annas, Terry Penner, and
Gerasimos Santas. Finally, I thank Nick Bellorini, who visited me in
Flagstaff and first proposed the project to me in his capacity as editor
for Blackwell.