Forty one bivalve species belonging to thirty one genera, twenty two families, sixteen superfamilies,
six orders and three subclasses are identified from the Middle Eocene successions exposed in the
Maghagha area, east and west of the Nile Valley. The bivalve fauna studied herein came from six sections,
five of them are located on the eastern side of the Nile Valley (ElSheikh Fadl Butte, Gebel ElMehasham,
South Gebel ElMehasham, Gebel ElMereir and Gebel Qarara sections), and the sixth section (Mingar
Shinnara section) crops out in the western side. The studied succession consists of four formations, from
base to top Muweilih, Midawara, Sath ElHadid, and ElGharaq, spanning the Middle Eocene (Lutetian and
Bartonian), and Lower-Middle Mokattamian, levels MK3 to MK7. The highest species diversity is
recorded in the Midawara Formation (33 species). Twenty-two bivalve species are endemic to Egypt and
nineteen are common elsewhere in the world, in some regions of Europe, Africa and Asia. Two species
are recorded for the first time from Egypt: Perna sp. and Pycnodonte rarilamella (Deshayes, 1861). All
the bivalves identified in this work are systematically described and illustrated and their stratigraphical
and paleobiogeographical distributionsare given.