This paper describes a method for computing estimates for the location para-
meter  > 0 and scale parameter  > 0 with …xed shape parameter of the alpha power
exponential distribution (APED) under type-II hybrid censored (T-IIHC) samples. We com-
pute the maximum likelihood estimations (MLEs) of (; ) by applying the Newton-Raphson
method (NRM) and expectation maximization algorithm (EMA). In addition, the estimate
hazard functions and reliability are evaluated by applying the invariance property of MLEs.
We calculate the Fisher information matrix (FIM) by applying the missing information rule,
which is important in …nding the asymptotic con…dence interval. Finally, the di¤erent proposed
estimation methods are compared in simulation studies. A simulation example and real data
example are analyzed to illustrate our estimation methods.