ABSTRACT : Cement is the most popular construction material due to several reasons. But it is not a sustainable material and energy intensive. Each ton of cement produces an equal amount carbon dioxide, during its production. This study has been carried out to find out the details of development of various physical and mechanical properties of geopolymer. The Initial And Final Setting Times Using Vicat Apparatus, Le Chatelier Expansion For Cement And Slag (Soundness), Cement fineness using Blaine apparatus, Drying Shrinkage of cement mortar , Compressive Strength For Mortar, Flexure Strength For Mortar and micro-structure are some of the most important physical and mechanical properties which are broadly discussed here. Steel slag (Class F) is the main constitute material of this geopolymer. Sodium Hydroxide pellets and sodium silicate solution are used here as activator. Egyptian code and curing method in steel slag have an obvious impact on it. This below investigation is depends in fixed samples of steel slag and silicate. The details and discussion of the experimented properties are discussed below broadly. However the physical and mechanical of the Mortar increases with the curing method and Contrast with the Egyptian code method. Addition of blast furnace slag considerably improved mechanical properties of Geopolymers Mortar.