This article presents a compact design of a composite-right-left-handed (CRLH) antenna for wireless applications. The antenna is fed using a coplanar waveguide (CPW) feed structure. The CRLH-antenna is comprised of one CRLH unit cell. The CRLH unit cell has a series capacitance (interdigital capacitor) and a shunt inductor (stub meander inductor). The antenna achieves compactness with a small size of 16.5 mm × 26 mm × 1.6 mm, thanks to the CRLH features such as nonlinear phase. The proposed antenna achieves a size reduction of better than 50 % with respect to the microstrip patch antenna operated at the same frequency band. The operating frequency band of the proposed antenna is from 5.83GHz to 6.3 GHz for WLAN applications, dedicated short range communications (DSRC), and intelligent transportation systems (ITS). Also, the antenna fulfills a radiation performance of omnidirectional pattern. To confirm the antenna design performances, a prototype is fabricated, and the reflection coefficient and radiation patterns are measured. Furthermore, the measured results have a good match with the simulation results.